Book Exchanges

Book Exchanges


As part of our commitment to your deposit collection we give you ‘new books for old’. A proportion of the stock according to the pupil roll is refreshed twice a year. We take back out-of-date and tatty books and replace them with new and exciting titles.

Please use our on-line exchange request form to request.

You can use this form as a wishlist to request specific titles or authors, fiction or non-fiction, and less specific subject areas you might need topping up on.

Centre Exchange

We will contact you with a range of dates to come in and you may select directly from our shelves. Any titles which you particularly want and can’t find we will order for you. You are most welcome to bring students with you on your visit.

Boxed Exchange

Can’t get to the Centre? No problem - we can select the books for you.  If you have specific titles in mind you can send us a wishlist using the link to the right, or let us know and we can make the entire selection for you. All we ask you to do is have the old books from your library ready for us to collect when we deliver your new stock.

Mobile Exchange

For schools that are the farthest away from our centre at Willand we provide a mobile library service (limited AR stock).

Accelerated Reading

We now supply books which are graded for the Accelerated Reader programme. You can choose these as part of your exchange.

Book Banding

We now supply book banding books from Pink to Lime. These may also be taken as part of your exchange.

Exchange Request Form

Exchange Request Form

Thank you for your request. Please refresh screen 'F5' to place another order.

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