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School Library Service Topic Boxes enabled this Y3 class to become Romans for the day through research, storytelling and feasting.

On Friday 15th June, Form One were Romans for the day! Arriving in an array of wonderful costumes, as researched using our Summer Term Topic boxes from the School Library Service. The day began as Roman soldiers experiencing army manoeuvres, which allowed them to survive an attack from the Celts! Our topic book research highlighted how civilised the Romans were with their Roman villas and elaborate jewellery and fun was had building villas and designing jewellery.

Form One pupils were delighted to be introduced to a batch of new Roman information books in the library by our school Library Service advisor, Nicola Cowling. They were keen to learn all about the History of the Dewey system and learnt some new research skills to equip them in finding interesting facts and information efficiently.

The fun continued in the afternoon with an amazing story telling session from Katy Cawkwell, carrying on from the Roman Myths we have read and enjoyed in our English lessons. The children were entranced and intrigued by an array of dramatic Roman myths; learning about duty and responsibility as the Roman Gods played with the destiny of mere mortals.

The afternoon was complete with an authentic Roman feast, including dormice of the chocolate variety. Throughout the feast, a whole host of acts entertained us, in our very own outdoor amphitheatre. To find out more do look at the new Roman books we have in our library.

English Teacher, Reading Development Coordinator, Devon Primary School

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