Work Experience

Work Experience

For students in Year 10 and Year 12 many will have an idea of what they want their chosen career to be and a work experience placement is an excellent opportunity to gain a first-hand experience in the workplace. The same however can be said of those students who do not know what their chosen path would be and gives them a chance to experience new opportunities and job roles that they may not have thought of.

Work experience helps shape these expectations and perceptions, whilst learning what it is expected of an employee and help them to make decisions about their future including:

  • Timekeeping
  • Ability to get there on time
  • Longer hours than at school
  • Interaction with other employees
  • Looking after own health & safety
  • Dress code

It also provides employers with the opportunity to meet their potential future employees and to guide students where needed. Students normally undertake Work Experience for a week during Year 10 or and gives them an opportunity to develop their employability skills.

At Babcock we already support schools and colleges and from September 2020 are now delighted to be able to offer a Work Experience Service as well.

We offer advice and support for school/college staff responsible for work experience and can help you promote the benefits of a meaningful Work Experience Placement including use of a Veryan Link2 online booking system once a student has found a placement, which will generate any paperwork required.

We provide:

  • Health and safety checks
  • Duty of care
  • Veryan Link2 - an online management system to manage your placements and produce the paperwork required.
  • Training for new School Work Experience Co-ordinators
  • Preparation and debrief resources
  • Trained and qualified staff who undertake Duty of Care checks for work placements


£25 per student per placement for the first year of sign up to our new service while we develop our new database. This will then be reviewed for following years

Become an Employer?

If your school or college would like to host a Work Experience student then please contact to request further information on how you could help develop students in their chosen careers to work in education.

For further discussion about this service please email Jackie Lee, Work Experience Manager at

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