"Thank you so much...the never ending support you have given us and me over the last four years, has really helped to drive things forward…"

School Headteacher

Can I just say thank you so much for everything you have done for us to date it has been exemplary and the smoothness of the process has been in no small part due to the work and dedication that you have put in..

School Chair of Governors

Can I also just pass on a huge thank you to you from all of us at [school] for pulling this together in such a short time and dealing with the changes we’ve thrown at you without delay - nothing short of astounding and it is much appreciated!

Headships Testimonial

School Chair of Governors

The service provided was excellent. Our adviser was truly fabulous and provided high quality professional services and products, raising the bar for us.

Client Feedback

All topics covered were very informative. Despite being a school administrator for many years there were several nuggets of invaluable information in the subjects covered. The variety of subjects covered was good

Who's Supporting You? Practical Solutions to Support the Day-to-Day demands of a School Administrator

Delegate Feedback

The conference was very informative and has given me ideas of how we can change our Curriculum to ensure we can take steps to becoming an anti racist school

Making our Curriculum Anti-Racist in Devon

Delegate Feedback

The conference was clear, inspiring and enthused me to continue to develop these principles with staff once things are more settled but will have a go to deliver this remotely with my own class. Thank you so much

Opening Doors and Diving In: Building a Rich Reading Curriculum

Delegate Feedback

"It was lovely to have a mixture of sessions, all with very different content. I found the practical ideas from Mr P and the workshop session inspiring and enjoyed the theory behind a 'value driven curriculum'. It was great to have the spectrum of discussions. Thank you"

Early Years Conference 2020: - Be Specific: Building the Foundations of a Quality Curriculum

Delegate feedback

"The feedback given…… throughout the day was delivered in a supportive way with things that needed to be implemented straight away. We/I would have benefitted from a SEND review before now. It was a very useful experience." (SENDCo)

"It was very useful to have an external review of all the many different aspects of my role as SENDCo within my setting. This was done in a very supportive way and allowed for reflection and discussion regarding current practice which was very strategic and led to identifying areas where we could develop and move forward." (SENDCo)

"SEND audit was invaluable to identify existing strengths of SEND provision and to focus our action points for improvement going forwards." (Headteacher)

"As a school, we found the SEND review particularly useful to judge our own evaluations are accurate. As a school we really value the opinion of experts in the field to support us in our SEF and then impact on future decisions and on our SIP. I would also like to thank (the Advisor) for her support and challenge during the review process. The manner in which she carried out the review was very well received. We will continuing to seek external validation and support from other areas of curriculum and education in the coming years and then revisit a SEND review in about 4-5 years time as part of our SEF process." (Headteacher).

SEND Reviews provide external review and suggested improvements

SENDCos and Headteachers agree that our SEND Advisor's support and challenge are invaluable.

Book a SEND Review today

Both the school staff and the pupil's mother have commented on the positive impact this training has had on him. There have been no further exclusions since he started these sessions.

As he attended more sessions he was more at ease and he engaged more and more every session. This has been a real step forward for him. He has become very articulate about Emotional Logic. he has taken on board what he has been taught and really benefited from it.

Thank you for the support and advice you ahve given the student., their family and the school staff again this year. The Emotional Logic work you did with the student before lockdown was really successful but continuing since COVID 'struck' has certainly made a huge difference to the student's confidence in expressing their opinions and worries, and has also developed our confidence in how we can best support them as staff. We look forward to working with you next term.

Comments from school SENCos

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