I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your advice, guidance and knowledge which has really steered me in a positive direction and has really made me see my job role in a completely different light. I am going back to my job with fresh new ideas that I will be passing on to my colleagues. It's really given me some thought and to reflect on how I approach my role. Your sessions were extremely inspiring to me and for that I am truly grateful to you.

Feedback from our MTA Positive Playtime training course

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The service provided by this team has been pivotal in shaping our provision around attendance and punctuality, underpinning change management in our school in an area that has been an enormous challenge and barrier to raising standards. Members of the EWS, including great care and guidance from the EWS Lead, have offered skilled and well informed service tailored around the needs of our school community. This has been completely focused on improving outcomes for children and with due regard for safeguarding.

(Devon Primary School)

Feedback about our Education Welfare Team

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I am really pleased with the format and impact that the Disadvantaged Pupil Attendance Tracker reports. For this small amount [of money], we have received detailed analysis of these children’s attendance, and it has given us an at-a-glance record that we can use in evidence, and also use to celebrate improvements that were being made. This was especially useful during our recent OFSTED inspection, where we used it to demonstrate the impact of our actions against some persistent absenteeism that we were encountering. I would really recommend this facility to schools, and the turnaround time was excellent between ordering and its arrival.

(Devon Primary School)

Feedback on our Disadvantaged Pupil Attendance Tracker

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I had a lovely letter from a parent to say what a difference the way I taught maths made to her child after your input; it truly changed the way I helped those children with anxiety about maths so you deserve the praise!

(SENCo Devon Primary School – parental feedback)

Feedback on our Primary Maths Training

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I recently attended Babcock SEND training and arrived very daunted by my role and responsibilities as this lead governor.  The training was just a morning and during that time I learned so much, not just about SEND, but about what difference I could make as a governor.  Both the trainer and training were excellent, very easy to understand, very interactive and very useful group discussion time.  I now feel much more equipped to carry out this role more effectively and would highly recommend attending this training.

Feedback on some of our SEND Training

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I thought it was the best safeguarding training I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot! This was because she gave great/useful scenarios and examples instead of just reading from or talking about slides. The advice was presented in a very real and practical way, which is far better than just spouting information that can be easily forgotten. Having been sceptical about what I would actually learn yesterday I learnt a lot.

Feedback on our Safeguarding Training

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Your course on Safeguarding Level 3 over the last 2 days has been one of the most educational, insightful and informative training courses I have been on in my career, and I have had a lot of training!

Having recently changed roles and moved into the education sector, and not being as informed as others in the group I was nervous about attending the course, but you made everyone feel involved and engaged and I have come away feeling 100% more informed and prepared to support safe guarding in my current role, and I have a clear sense of what I need to do come Monday to support my Safeguarding team and staff, and how to ensure best practice in my schools.

Feedback on our Safeguarding Training

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Our Early Years Consultant has been a tremendous support for Early Years across the Pre-School and Reception cohorts in our Federation. Her approach is friendly and supportive, whilst also providing the rigour you need when wanting your provision thoroughly evaluated. She has a reassuring presence; she is so knowledgeable and insightful and certainly gets to nub of what is good and what areas need support. 

(Executive Headteacher, Halberton and Uplowman Federation)

Feedback on a member of our Early Years Team

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I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for delivering such an interesting and useful phonics training day. I found the whole day relevant and beneficial to my practice. I learned a lot and felt you were knowledgeable, thorough and engaging with your delivery. I have already begun to put in place aspects of the programme. I will be looking to book on some more the English courses soon.

(Teacher in Special school in Devon)

Feedback on a Primary English Training Day

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Really helpful, informative, inclusive.  Things already seem clearer, concerns less worrying.  I feel energised to make a success of my term as a governor. (Induction Session – Oct 2019)

Feedback on some of our Governance Training

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