Embracing Change: Turning Uncertainty into Adventure

Embracing Change: Turning Uncertainty into Adventure

Thursday 4 March 2021 | Virtually Hosted via Click Meetings | 09:00 - 13:00

Human beings tend to dislike the idea of uncertainty. It is full of the unknown and the unpredictable, which easily makes us anxious. Ironically, excitement contains all the same qualities, but just the term ‘excitement’ creates a very different expectation.

In this event with Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk, we will look at the differences between uncertainty and excitement, thinking especially about how they shape children’s behaviour. Some children (and adults too) can cope with uncertainty better than others. What explains that difference, and how can that knowledge be applied in the classroom? Dr Zeedyk will use her analogy of Sabre Tooth Tigers to highlight the biological underpinnings of uncertainty, which will serve as a good basis for creating practical ideas for how teachers can comfort children’s anxieties about uncertainties and even, turn them into excitement!

Of course, change always starts with the adults. It promises to be a morning of insight and ideas!


Training Objectives:

  • Explore concepts of adapting during ever-changing circumstances
  • Understand a whole school approach towards uncertainty and childrens anxieties 
  • Hear from expert keynote speaker Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

About Suzanne Zeedyk

Suzanne Zeedyk is a research scientist fascinated by babies’ inborn capacity to communicate. Since 1993, she has been based at the University of Dundee, within the School of Psychology. In 2011, she set up her own independent training enterprise to disseminate more widely the science of the early years. She now spends much of her time speaking to the public about our human need for emotional and physiological connection. She is able to bring to this her research expertise on topics including parent-infant relationships, family support, communicative disorders, and the socio-political contexts that frame our responses to scientific information.

Conference Price

Full price - £105+VAT


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