English and Mathematics - Targeted Offer for Maintained Schools

The Babcock LDP English and Maths teams are providing an offer of support to all schools for 2020/21; this email provides details around this offer.

Please do the following in order to access and fully understand the offer:

The offer will work in a similar way to the one for 2019/20. Both the English and Maths teams have a universal element to their offer; these are activities in which all schools are invited to participate and are focussed on continuing to develop key aspects of work undertaken over the past few years: vocabulary and teaching for mastery in maths. The full details are downloadable using the links above.

In addition to this, EVERY maintained primary school will be able to make choices from the targeted offer that will be funded by Devon County Council; there will be a small charge in each case to cover incidental costs. This means that every maintained primary school will have funded access to at least one of the targeted programmes; details of all of the programmes is set out  in the in the downloadable documents below. Some maintained schools will be offered places on more than one programme (last year we managed to accommodate nearly all requests) and all schools will be able to pay for places on any of the programmes through the Babcock LDP Shop once we have the full information on dates and venues.

As a maintained school we are inviting you to consider on which of the programmes you would like a place to be funded for your school. We are asking you to complete survey below by selecting three choices; we will make every effort to provide schools with their first choice and guarantee that every school will receive a place on at least one (and probably more) of their three choices. Please indicate the number of places you would like for each choice.

The closing date for sending choices is 26 June 2020. If you have any queries or would like further information please contact:

Rebecca Cosgrave (English lead): rebecca.cosgrave@babcockinternational.com 
Ruth Trundley (Maths lead): ruth.trundley@babcockinternational.com

*** Please do NOT book your funded places through the shop at this stage, as we will be back in touch with a voucher code once we have allocated places, dates and venues ***
We look forward to receiving your choices.
Best wishes,
Rebecca Cosgrave and Dr Ruth Trundley

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