Safeguarding and Attendance Training

Safeguarding and Attendance Training

Child Protection Refresher Training Group 3 and Above - 13 October, 14 October, 5 November, 6 November, 11 November, 23 November, 24 November, 7 December

Responsibilities of a Safeguarding Lead - 12 November

Safeguarding Child Protection Level 3 Initial Training - 5 October, 12 October, 15 October, 16 November, 25 November, 3 December

Safeguarding Forum - 30 November, 1 December, 9 December

Safer Recruitment and Allegations Management (Initial) - 30 November

Safer Recruitment and Allegations Management (Refresher) - 4 November

Safer Recruitment and Allegations Management INITIAL Training

Course Details

For organisations that work with children, safeguarding those children is central to everything you do and promoting the welfare of children is an integral part of the HR management in these organisations.

This course provides:

  • Nationally accredited training by accredited trainers
  • Awareness and understanding of offender behaviour
  • Key features of safer staff recruitment
  • Review of policies and practices, including the most recent legislation updates from Keeping Children Safe in Education

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify staff recruitment key features to help deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people
  • Minimise opportunities for abuse or ensure its prompt recording with detailed consideration of policies and practices
  • Learn how best to review your own and your organisation’s policies and practices
  • Using a model of offending behaviour, learn how this fits with recruitment
  • Ensure a culture of on-going vigilance 

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Safer Recruitment and Allegations Management REFRESHER Workshop

Course Details

Ensure your school's Safer Recruitment practice is up to date, legally compliant and that your recruitment panels are implementing best practice in your school.

This is a short and informative workshop aimed at those who have completed the full day Safer Recruitment and Allegations Management Initial training in the past but now need to refresh in the light of changes.

These workshops are designed for Headteachers, Administration Officers, Senior Managers and Governors who have responsibility for recruitment and who may be a member of an interview panel.

Learning Outcomes

  • Re-establish the key features of staff recruitment to help deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people
  • Re-consider policies and practices to minimise opportunities for abuse or ensure its prompt reporting
  • Re-evaluate your own and your organisation’s policies and practices
  • Refresh your knowledge of the legislation and guidance from the latest Keeping Children Safe in Education 

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Safeguarding - Introduction to Safeguarding and Child Protection Responsibilities

Course Details

This course is designed for new governors/trustees who have not yet completed their school’s group 2 safeguarding training. Clerks may also find this training useful and are welcome to attend.
It will discuss the relevant child protection information and provide certification. It has been designed to help you understand the statutory requirements of safeguarding and ensure that you and your school/setting meet the Ofsted and Keeping Children Safe in Education requirements.

*If you are to be the safeguarding lead for your board, there is a specific course (Responsibilities of the Safeguarding Lead) that is more appropriate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Definitions of abuse and how to recognise the signs and symptoms of possible child abuse
  • Knowledge to act appropriately on suspicion or knowledge that a child may be at risk of harm or has been harmed
  • When to report concerns and what information to pass on
  • How to respond appropriately to a child making a disclosure
  • Basic roles and responsibilities of the governing board in safeguarding children
  • The importance of a protective school ethos
  • Knowledge of safer working practices
  • How to respond to allegations against staff and volunteers

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Safeguarding Forum

Safeguarding forums offer an opportunity for professionals who have a senior role in child protection to refresh their safeguarding knowledge and understanding, receive updates and share best practice with colleagues in a similar role from a wide range of settings within your area

The forums are also designed to provide Designated Safeguarding Officers with an alternative means of refreshing their Group 3 training (sanctioned by the Devon Safeguarding Children’s Board) as regular attendance will act as training to comply with Keeping Children Safe in Education.

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Safeguarding - Child Protection Training - Level 3 (Initial Training)

Course Details:

This is a two-day, multi-agency course for Group 3 delegates with safeguarding responsibilities (named/designated staff) and/or those working regularly with children and young people who have a duty to learn more about child protection as specified in Working Together to Safeguard Children and Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognise signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Have knowledge of the relevant legal framework
  • Use the Early Help process to be an effective partner
  • Understand the threshold tool and use it effectively
  • Know the enquiry process and how to make a good enquiry
  • Set up systems in school to ensure compliance
  • Be confident to be the Designated Lead within a setting
  • Know where to go for support and advice


Attendance Workshops

Course Details

These workshops are aimed at school practitioners/Attendance Officers.

The workshops will:

  • Consider Ofsted's expectations relating to attendance data monitoring within schools
  • Discuss strategies for identifying and supporting pupils meeting PA criteria
  • Clarify DCC's revised legal processes and help staff to become familiar with the paperwork needed to initiate legal action more effectively
  • Clarify/discuss situations relating to part-time timetables/long-term absence and the associated reporting requirements
  • Provide a Q&A session to answer any attendance related concerns

Learning Outcomes

  • Update regarding DCC legal processes and procedures
  • National, regional and school level attendance data
  • Identifying and working with vulnerable groups
  • DfE expectations regarding pupils with medical conditions
  • Information concerning Elective Home Education
  • An opportunity for Q & A 

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